Bylaw to restrict smoking moves ahead

Bylaw to restrict smoking moves ahead

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After Monday, a bylaw to severely restrict smoking in Oliver may be one step away from adoption.

On May 28, Town council is expecting to give first three readings to Smoke Free Bylaw 1375. (June 11 is the adoption date.) Council previously referred the bylaw back to staff for further investigation regarding businesses with existing outdoor patios that allow smoking.

Deputy Corporate Officer Linda Schultz said after reviewing the province’s Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulations, one section exempts patios (that serve food and drinks) from having to meet the six-metre smoking buffer zone around entranceways. As long as the doors and windows are kept shut, smoking can be allowed in the entire patio, Schultz said.

As a result, staff have removed the restrictive “customer service area” definition from the draft bylaw as well as changed the suggested 7.5 metre buffer zone back to the provincial standard of six metres.

In the draft bylaw, an entranceway includes doorways, verandahs, stairways, air intake systems and windows.

Outdoor public space is defined in the bylaw as any area owned, controlled or operated by the Town. This includes parks, sports venues, stadiums, recreational facility, utility easement and street (when used as part of an outdoor public event). Smoking will be prohibited in all of these areas. The Oliver Cemetery will also be off limits.

As for fines, the Town is considering $50 for the first offence, $100 for the second, and $400 for the third.


  1. The fines are a slap on the wrist….who will enforce these bylaws. It is bad enough now that we can smell pot from vehicles that drive down the we have to put up with it in even more places. Why should our children and grandchildren be exposed to this DRUG..


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