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Business Directory

14 - 6822 Leighton Cr.
Oliver, BC

V0H 1T2
Oliver BC
Oliver Redi-Mix
7322 Inkameep Vineyard Road
Oliver, BC

V0H 1T2

Readi-Mix Concrete

Forms and Accessories
Sand, Grave, Aggregates
Concrete accessories, pumping
5928 Kootenay St.
Oliver, BC
V09H 1T0

Vintage, New and Used Goods

762 Fairview Road

South Okanagan Integrated Community Services Society
Monday to Thursday
Open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
250-485-7777 • 1-877-723-3911
Riverside Greenhouse & Nursery
211 Thorp Road
Oliver, BC

V0H 1T1

Welcome to the Riverside Garden Centre

Sunday - Friday 9 - 5

Closed Saturdays
Buchanan Road, Oliver, BC
V0H 1T0
(250) 498-2189
box 1154 Oliver , BC
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V0H 1T0

Colour Me Healthy is a Mobile , Alternitive ,Holistic Pet Care and Animal Communication Services,

This sevices provides assesments, healing and caring services for both your pets and you in your own home environment. as a pet advocate and a holistic pet practioner and animal communicator, Linda Buhler adresses the The Pets dieatary,behavioral,physical,and emotional assist in the over all well being of the animal.

Areas of treatment :

Hands on Healing for well being
100% natural diet counceling
herbal treatments for Arthritis,hip,and joint problems
flower essesnces for emotional wellness
Gudiance's & thearpy for behavorial issues

(250) 485-7116
(250) 498-5141
750 Merlot Ave, Oliver, BC
V0H 1T0
(250) 408-9559