Brave cashier unmasks (alleged) robber

Brave cashier unmasks (alleged) robber

A Keremeos RCMP officer saved a moose that was caught in a barb wire fence recently. (File photo)

A grocery store clerk unmasked a man who was robbing her, helping police to catch the culprit.

It was at Oliver Family Grocery around 6:45 p.m. on July 12. The man, wearing dark clothes and a mask, was wielding a large knife when he demanded money.

“During the incident the cashier was able to pull at the mask the suspect was wearing enough to see the suspect’s face,” according to the RCMP.

The suspect made away with a “small amount” of cash.

The store’s brave cashier was contacted by The Chronicle but she did not wish to comment. She would prefer readers to focus on positive things like baseball.

A week earlier, on July 4 around 10:20 p.m., the same fellow walked into the Chevron in Oliver, similarly wearing dark clothes and a mask, wielding a large knife while demanding money from the cashier. All he got were some cigarettes and less than $100.

A local cop pieced together the evidence and captured the suspect the same evening as the robbery at Oliver Family Grocery. The suspect’s name is Joshua Penner and he is a new member of the Oliver community. He’s facing several “serious” criminal charges.

Penner was released from court with conditions, one being banishment – he is no longer allowed to be a resident of Oliver.

Both incidents are still under investigation.