Body found in burned truck was not suspicious, RCMP say

Body found in burned truck was not suspicious, RCMP say


RCMP will not be releasing the name of the dead man.
“At this time the origin of the fire is not deemed suspicious and criminality has been ruled out,” reads the latest press release.

However, police are still asking members of the public to come forward if they have any information regarding the investigation.



  1. Are you kidding me? Victims hands WERE bound to the damn steering wheel. “No criminality”? Who would be stupid enough to believe THAT? Fairly disgraceful start to this investigation. I would rather hear something like “Local scumbag and known master thief goes down in flames…” Nice try though – its never a bad time for a good laugh…

  2. I don’t know who it was but it sounds like pretty good justice to me. I lived in the south okanagen for 18 years and recently moved because the crime rate has gotten so bad down there. Nothing seems to be safe against lowlife drug attics stealing anything to get their next fix and clearly it’s to the point the we as a community need to start taking matters into our own hands to solve this problem because clearly the local rcmp can’t seem to do their jobs. They know who the thieves are and yet they do nothing. I could understand if they were having a hard time proving the items were stolen but when people like —- who lives in Bridesville can literally have a yard so full of stolen items that there is only a pathway a foot and a half wide to get threw the 1 acre lot he is on and yet the rcmp don’t do anything. I truly think it’s to a point of rising up and taking back the once peaceful and quite enjoyable and trustworthy place that is home to so many wonderful people and start weening out the dirt bag losers that are making it so horrible.