Body cameras should be worn by every cop

Body cameras should be worn by every cop


Dale Boyd


(File photo)

Enough is enough. 

Police, whether across the border or on our own soil, have had hundreds of years to bring accountability and transparency to their ranks. They have  clearly failed to do so and now we have the technology to accomplish such a task — although in 2016 RCMP turned down body cameras because of thinly-veiled issues with “batteries” and “durability.” 

A small sacrifice for accountability.  

When a call for assistance turns into the death of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski-Paquet, we need more than the word of the police who were in the room. This is no longer a debate, this is a revolution. 

RCMP demand our respect, they demand our cooperation, and as played out as the trope is, they receive our tax dollars. They give us what respect and cooperation they choose in return, at their own discretion. 

There is no excuse why we should not have body cameras on every police officer in Canada. 

Police have had their time to self report. They are unable to do so. The RCMP delayed hearings of a former Osoyoos police officer accused of misconduct for years. Then, out of the blue, exonerating evidence was allegedly found. I’d love to tell you what the evidence was; it turned that case on its head so quickly, but the RCMP would rather nobody knows and we just take their word for it. It must have been some really good evidence.

Racism is alive and well in Canada, don’t kid yourself (talking to you Rex Murphy). In 2016-17, Indigenous people comprised 27 per cent of the federal prison population, while only making up five per cent of the general population. 

This week I watched footage showing a police officer, for no apparent reason, shooting a reporter with non-lethal rounds; I saw a CNN reporter arrested on live television while police concocted an alternative version of events to justify the arrest — apparently unaware they were live on television. 

I saw a NYPD vehicle charge into a crowd of civilians, and CBC cut the clip short. I saw multiple police officers beating civilians seemingly unprovoked, not that being provoked is any excuse. 

Most importantly I saw jackboots siding with jackboots and authority, and not the people. I saw police arresting the media instead of protecting them, something the RCMP is not innocent of recently either. 

Over and over, time and again, I saw police erupting in violence. Viva la revolucion. 


  1. Yes it is time for body cams to worn by all police officers. It will add to accountability but it will also protect officers from false accusations so from either side it is a win win situation.

  2. I think it would be helpful for both police and public alike.

    Dale, I see there is a new RCMP member here, will you do a human interest story please? Thanks.