Birds cause of grass fire

Birds cause of grass fire

Oliver firefighters mop up a grass fire off Nk'Mip Vineyard Road on Saturday. The cause was suspected to be a couple of birds that landed on charged power lines. (Photo from Oliver Fire Department Facebook)

Times-Chronicle Staff

It is suspected that a couple of birds on a wire caused a grass fire off Nk’Mip Vineyard Road on Saturday.

Oliver Fire Department spokesperson Rob Graham said they found the remains of a couple of birds at the bottom of power poles in the area. It is believed they landed on the wrong wires and caused some sparks.

Graham said the fire grew quickly through grass and sagebrush, creating “its own weather pattern” that burned a patch of approximately 300 feet by 500 feet.

Despite recent rain, the sagebrush was dry and caught fire quite easily, he pointed out. Fortunately, no structures were threatened, and a dirt road and the water canal acted as a fire guard, he added.

Graham said the fire was subsequently contained and prevented from spreading.