Big meeting for mayor

Big meeting for mayor

The Town of Oliver did not secure funds from the federal government to help fix the irrigation siphon at Gallagher Lake. (File photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

On Monday, Oliver Mayor Ron Hovanes will need all of his persuasive power to get a commitment from the federal government to help fund the $10 million canal repair project.

Local MP Richard Cannings has set up the meeting between the mayor and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities.

The Town has been trying to get a funding commitment from the government to help reroute the canal at Gallagher Lake along Highway 97 south.

The provincial government has already committed $5 million towards the project. If its federal counterpart does not commit the remainder, the Town will have to borrow the money.

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  1. The meeting should be re-scheduled with the new mayor . . . the people have spoken.
    Water councillor should also attend.

    Bob Parker
    Rural Oliver

  2. The new mayor and most informed water councillor should definitely attend. The out-going mayor does not have much political clout.