Baldy Mountain Resort focuses on wildfire prevention

Baldy Mountain Resort focuses on wildfire prevention

(Photo: Flickr)

With wildfire season fully underway, Baldy Mountain Resort is working on fire prevention initiatives.

A Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia grant is funding the reduction of fuel load on crown land adjacent to the resort’s community, which is expected to start shortly.

The resort is working with industry experts at Davies Wildfire to treat the area between 250 and 400 meters in width.

“More than 50 per cent of interface structure fires are ignited by embers, not the actual main fire. Research has shown that the new wider treated area will better protect the village from flying embers,” a press statement from Baldy Mountain Resort read.

“If you have driven by the Johnstone Creek Campsite, you can see how trees can be thinned effectively with specialized equipment.”

Tree spacing will be approximately 10 meters or 100-250 stems per hectare.

However, the project cannot start until approval is given from the Osoyoos Indian Band. Until then, the resort says the project is “ready to go to tender.”

The resort has also obtained a Firesmart grant and has a local volunteer board to move the project forward and educate the community on reducing fire risk within the village.

Firesmart board volunteers include strata council members, the current fire warden, Baldy Mountain Resort representation and local strata members.

As the Firesmart work moves forward, there will be information shared with all owners, the resort says. The program focusses on education and awareness and participation will be voluntary.

A registered professional forester, Andy Low, has begun an assessment of the village, and the resort says interim information will be released as it is ready, with the final report later this summer.