Any appetite for Veterans Park?

Any appetite for Veterans Park?

(File photo) Local cadet Ryan Encina places one of many wreaths at the cenotaph.

Oliver Legion member Peter McKenna wants the green space beside the Coast Hotel to become Veterans Park.

“This is a big thing,” he told council last week. “We support our veterans – they’ve done a lot for this town.”

McKenna spoke about how much of Oliver was shaped by veterans through the Southern Okanagan Lands Project, which was established in 1918 to give veterans lots of land in the valley for farm use.

He told council there are rumours circulating that Town Hall may be relocating, and if that does end up happening, it could be a good chance to move the cenotaph.

“What a perfect place to move this cenotaph to right into that park.”

Council has yet to decide on an official  name for the new park.