Alberta’s boycott on B.C. wine ends

Alberta’s boycott on B.C. wine ends


B.C. wineries will be able to sell to Alberta again with the lift of the recent wine ban.

The two week-long ban was put in place by Alberta Premeir Rachel Notley as a response to the B.C. government’s decision to continue reviewing oil-spill risk of the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

Notley announced the lift of the ban on Thursday, following B.C. Premier John Horgan’s announcement that the B.C. government will let the courts decide if B.C. can ban Alberta’s increased bitumen exports.

The BC Wine Institute released a statement supporting the lift of the ban but voicing remaining concern.

“We welcome the Alberta government’s decision to suspend the prohibition,” the statement read. “However, uncertainty remains. We remain concerned that any provincial government believes it has the constitutional authority to impose trade bans on Canadian products based on their place of origin.”

The Institute said that they are currently working with legal counsel to determine their path forward, but they are “thrilled that Alberta consumers one again have the choice to purchase and enjoy B.C. wines, as they have long done.”


  1. The Alberta government’s prohibition may have ended due to the BC government’s latest attempt to obfuscate their anti-pipeline bullying actions, however it is legal for consumers of their own free will not to purchase made in BC goods and services. As tens of thousands Canadian workers are rapidly losing their jobs in naturally occurring organic compounds related industries learn about BC’s intent to spend a non-specified amount of Provincial and Federal taxpayers money in court costs to maintain the blockade of Alberta sourced ancient decaying plankton, the buy anything but BC movement will only grow. Every Canadian consumer has the freedom of choice not to purchase products that they believe are sourced from a rogue governments’ jurisdiction.

    Currently there is nothing that is produced in BC that consumers outside of the province may consider as a necessity of life to purchase. Apparently Ontario workers in a show of solidarity with Albertans are ramping up a campaign to buy anything but BC before the start of Queen Victoria’s birthday and will continue to do so afterward until despotic governments withdraw their stalling actions blocking Canada’s organic compounds from reaching international markets.

    It is unfortunate that some BC citizens will suffer economic losses due to their alchemist governments’ chicanery of tying up legimate agreements in the courts, but BCers do have the freedom of choice to recall any Member of the Legislative Assembly and fire them from office in about eight months from now. According to a recent poll 55% of BCers thought their provincial government was wrong in delaying pipeline projects therefore the more than 40% of eligible voters required to trigger a recall is easily obtainable in many if not all of BC Elections electoral districts.

    Ending the blockade of shipping ancient, decaying plankton overseas in a timely, civilized manner will help ensure all of Canada maintains it’s prosperity, however by continuing the plankton blockade only helps ensure Canada will soon achieve third world economic status with BC leading the way.