Albas seeks Oliver’s support for bill

Albas seeks Oliver’s support for bill

Dan Albas hanging out with Andrew Scheer in Peachland (Dan Walton photo)

MP Dan Albas is seeking the Town of Oliver’s help in getting tough on looters who prey on victims during disasters and evacuation orders.

The MP for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola sent a letter to the Town regarding his private member’s bill that proposes to amend the Criminal Code.

He said there are people who take advantage of public emergencies to loot homes. His bill would designate stiffer penalties for people who break the law and loot during these crises.

“This legislation would help provide peace of mind for citizens under an evacuation order, as they would know that the criminal justice system has their back,” Albas said.

West Kelowna Mayor Gord Milsom supports the bill, saying his community has experienced these “atrocious” and “despicable” crimes on multiple occasions (during floods and wildfires).

“People should not have to choose between protecting their property from shady characters and evacuating to a safe distance,” Milson said.

The Town of Oliver will discuss sending a letter of support on Monday.


  1. How about getting tough on all the theft thats going on around here. Not just evacuations and crap. People have been getting stuff stolen for a long time and the rcmp dont do a dam thing about it.

  2. Why go to the town with this ? Why not bring it to the people, you know the persons who are actually going to be the losers if there is looting and such during emergencies. We people would support stiffer penalties for sure.