Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Our targeted reach, combined with reasonable advertising rates, deliver great marketing value and results. Our award-winning stories and photographs, along with the best possible advertisements, draw customers, visitors and local residents to see and engage with your product or service.

Want even more reach?

We can get extend the reach of your advertising all the way to the border with our sister paper, the Osoyoos Times. Place your ad in both newspapers — and on both web sites.

Print + Digital Opportunities

We offer: display advertisements, display classifieds, classified word ads and flyer distribution.

Plus, we have superb web advertising rates and the potential for exclusive online promotions in different categories. We use the Google Ad Server to place and track advertising, and we can target that carefully to your needs. Ads can be booked on a rotating basis with a monthly charge, or by impression (CPM-based).

Do you need your print or web ad designed? We include that in the price of your advertisement!

Web advertising can be booked, created and launched any time!

Maybe you don’t quite know what you want? Publisher Brian Highley has plenty of ideas for different and effective ways to promote your business, service or event. Don’t hesitate to call!

Diane Downes

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