A sneak peek at redesign of Small Wheels Playground

A sneak peek at redesign of Small Wheels Playground

Check out the design of the new Small Wheels Playground in Lion's Park.

Hey man, dig that pump bump roller with volcano and slappy option. And look at that hips and pocket and hubby ledge. Cool!

Even though you don’t speak their language, excitement is building for skateboarders and scooter riders in Oliver as they get their first look at design plans for the Small Wheels Playground in Lion’s Park.

In the wake of winning $100,000 from the BCAA Play Here contest, matched by the regional district, Oliver is getting a sneak peek at the plans promoted by Parks and Recreation with funding from the Kiwanis Club of Oliver.

Parks and Recreation manager Carol Sheridan said they have now raised $235,000 of the total $260,000 needed for the playground’s construction. She noted that a “Buy a Brick” campaign is set to begin on Sept. 1. In addition, they are hoping that several construction items will be donated for the project.

The playground’s design was created with input from youth in the community. In the end, the project will make Lion’s Park a more useable space for families.

Shawn Pettipas, BCAA’s director of community engagement, says the community of Oliver has made this possible in so many ways, and soon it will be a reality.

The playground will cater to all ages and different types of skateboards, scooters and bicycles. Features include:

  • Bank-to-ledge feature with hip and brick stamp texture
  • Transition feature with pool block extension, roll-in, hips and pocket
  • Ledge/manual pad complex with curb cut wedge-to-wedge, bump-to-rail and bump-to-ledge options
  • Central wedge/hip feature with shotcrete footplant boulder
  • Flatbar with slappy option
  • Pump bump roller with volcano
  • Up-gap feature and hubba ledge
  • Bank-to-curb feature