Town rolls out new carts at waste collection open house

Town rolls out new carts at waste collection open house

David Kassian (right), waste collection information officer, speaks with residents about the new waste collection program at the Town's open house on Saturday. (Photo Vanessa Broadbent)

By Vanessa Broadbent

Oliver Chronicle

With the Town’s new garbage collection program rolling out in July, Town staff were busy educating the public at their open house at Oliver Elementary School on Saturday.

Council approved a contract with Waste Connections of Canada in November, which includes a switch to an automated cart system. In June, residents will be provided with three carts: one for garbage, one for recycling and one for yard waste.

At the open house, people had a chance to see the carts and ask any questions.

The event saw over 500 attendees, most of which were interested in seeing the cart sizes and learning more about the base program, said Chief Administration Officer Cathy Cowan.

The base program includes the three carts, 120 litre size for garbage and 240 litre size for recycling and yard waste.

Property owners will be given the chance to upgrade cart sizes, which will come at an additional $60 annual fee for garbage, a $23-$46 increased fee for yard waste, and no increase for recycling.

Residents can also choose to opt out of the yard waste collection program.

The new carts will be registered to each address with serial numbers and will have a chip in the handle, which will link a photo taken by a camera in the truck to each address.

Cowan explained that the photos will help monitor for contaminates, which BC Recycle is cracking down on.

“They’re getting tougher and tougher,” she said. “We’re going to try and educate but we can get fined.”

If contaminates are detected, the resident will be sent a letter and information on what is considered a contaminate.

However, the new program does not see any changes in what can be recycled – everything that was included in the blue bags can be put into the carts.

Residents will be given information packages with the carts when they arrive in June, which will include a collection schedule and information on what goes into each cart.

More information can be found online at, by calling 250-485-6203 or emailing