Earthquake sounded like big semi-truck in Oliver

Earthquake sounded like big semi-truck in Oliver


Did you feel the rumble?

The South Okanagan was shook by a 4.0 magnitude earthquake on Sept. 10 just after 9:10 a.m.

Park Rill Road resident Audrey Mayer was doing dishes when she thought a giant semi-truck was driving down her street, until she realized it sounded “way too close and way too loud.”

Another indicator that it was an earthquake was the duration – Mayer suspected that no automobile would make her house shake for that long. And when she heard everything shaking on the top floor, she was sure it was an earthquake. She figures it only lasted 20 to 30 seconds, but experiencing it felt much longer.

“It was a surprise – if I had been in bed I would have woken up.”

Her husband Ken was doing chores outside – he couldn’t feel the quake, though he did hear it.

“It sounded like a really loud semi-truck,” he said.

The Mayers have been living on Park Rill Road for eight years and it was their first earthquake experience in Oliver, though they survived others while living in the Lower Mainland.

The quake’s epicentre was just beneath Mount Baldy, where a ski resort is currently undergoing a major facelift. Asked about possible damage to the property, the resort posted on its blog that there was no harm done.

“Seismologists say (a 4.0 magnitude earthquake) will not cause damage,” the blog reads. “As a precautionary measure, the appropriate people were on scene today to check the lifts and their foundations. As expected, no damage was found. As to the question about inspection – I believe the inspectors may be back anyway for final inspection when the maintenance is complete, and it is their call. No concerns – just lots to talk about on the mountain today.”

Mayor Ron Hovanes was in Kelowna when the earthquake struck, and although some people in Kelowna say they felt the quake, Hovanes said he didn’t find out what happened until hearing about it on the news through the hotel TV.

By Dan Walton