Karaoke lover planning extravaganza

Karaoke lover planning extravaganza


A karaoke enthusiast from Oliver who is recovering from cancer says it’s time for some payback.

Mike Carter is planning a karaoke “extravaganza” in September to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society for all the support he has received during his fight against the disease.

“All I’m trying to do is pay back (my debt of gratitude),” said Carter, who has received tremendous support during his treatment for lymphoma and colon cancer.

The pickleball guru is now looking for support in helping organize the extravaganza. He is asking for five or six people, who are computer literate, to sit on the organizing committee.

Carter’s plan is to have six DJs and approximately 120 performers, including young children to sing their hearts out on the community stage (bandshell) on September 4-5.

Carter noted it’s going to be a fun family event with several food vendors, but no alcohol.

He pointed out that karaoke is very popular and gives people an opportunity to be their own star on stage. In fact, that’s how renowned Elvis tribute artist Adam Fitzpatrick from Penticton got his start. He was a bartender at the Barley Mill and was persuaded to get on stage to sing karaoke. He never looked back.

“You have no idea how much talent there is in this area,” said Carter, who started karaoke back in 1988 in Quebec.

He stated that karaoke is a stepping stone for people who want to sing professionally, adding it definitely boosts your morale.

People who want to perform in the extravaganza in Oliver will pay a small fee. There will also be a special rate for families who want to attend the event. Carter said all proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society (BC and Yukon branch).

Carter said he is hoping to get the support of local service clubs and businesses. But first he has to form the organizing committee.

People interested in helping out can call Carter at 250-689-2457, or email mike.carter108@gmail.com

By Lyonel Doherty