100 Men + Highway to Healing

100 Men + Highway to Healing



After their latest gathering, 100 Men Who Care Penticton chose to gift almost $6,000  to Highway to Healing. Society President Gail Barriskill says “These funds represent a significant boost to Highway to Healing. It is only through direct community donations that we have been able to provide over $40,000 to local families who must travel to obtain medical care for their child.”

“Those needs may include fuel, parking fees, and overnight stays. Support can be one time, or may extend for many years for families whose child faces serious illness.”

With their second annual Drive to Provide fun golf tournament coming up in July, H2H will once again be asking the people of the communities they serve for help. Vice-President Tracy MacFadden says “Our First Annual golf tournament was a huge success, and if we can repeat that, we know we can continue to provide financial assistance for families from Osoyoos, Oliver and OK falls.” Registration for this super fun tournament is now open on our website at http://highwaytohealing.org/

Board Members Include Gail Barriskill, Riley Martin, Russell Work, Ernie Dumais, Alesha Grimard, Tracy MacFadden, Tanya Martin, Tony Munday and Cathy Thompson.