Watch your water usage

Watch your water usage


By Lyonel Doherty

While Oliver’s 2016 water report has been given the thumbs up, people are still being encouraged to watch their consumption.

Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell presented the report to Town council recently, outlining some of the highlights.

He said 2016 saw a drop in Oliver’s yearly consumption (24 per cent less than 2015 and below the six-year average). He explained this was likely due to the weather – more precipitation and lower temperatures than what was experienced in 2015.

Goodsell said the population of Oliver has increased over the last few years, but the 2016 total consumption in water systems decreased. He noted that Oliver’s maximum demand day was recorded on August 10 with 21,395 cubic metres, while the minimum demand was recorded on March 1 (2,416 cubic metres).

Goodsell said that capital projects completed in 2016 included: groundwater protection plan; reservoir supply water main repurposing; Mud Lake irrigation control improvements, and temporary fix for Gallagher Lake siphon damage. Goodsell said there were no total coliform or E. coli hits in the domestic drinking water system.

Mayor Ron Hovanes asked if irrigation flows are adequate and if the Town is meeting the demand. Goodsell said flows are adequate, but if dire straits are experienced, people will have to watch their consumption, he pointed out.

“People may have to water less frequently. If we’re in dire straits, we’ll have to shut the system off for a day or two. But it’s better if people control themselves,” Goodsell said.

Water councillor Rick Machial said if the community survived the heat wave of the past several weeks, “we can survive anything.”

The Town provides domestic water to approximately 2,393 residential and 174 commercial/industrial connections, which are all metered. Irrigation water is provided to 601 connections in the Town of Oliver.