Visiting teams crowned at junior Playdowns

Visiting teams crowned at junior Playdowns

Team Kita competed in the junior Playdowns at Eastlink Curling Centre last weekend. (Dan Walton photo)

By Dan Walton

Local teams had a great time competing during the Playdowns at Eastlink Curling Centre last weekend. (Dan Walton photo)

Local curling teams were unable to qualify for a provincial tournament last weekend when the Eastlink Curling Centre hosted the Okanagan Juvenile Curling Playdowns

The three boys’ teams that qualified had a patchwork of players from Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kamloops and Kelowna.

As the C event winner, Team Murray was one of the qualifying squads, which brought two players from Kelowna and two from Kamloops.

The four boys have a long history together, but this is the first season they all came together.

“For three years at least they’ve been playing against each other, and then they ended up needing players, we needed a couple – so we just amalgamated,” said their coach Monica Makar.

“The chemistry between them is really good,” she said. “They’re all a bunch of nice boys so they get along really well.”

Skip Ramsay Murray said winning required “a lot of perseverance, playing hard and believing in ourselves.”

The A event boys winners were Team Love and the B event winners were Team Rabar.

Qualifying through the female division were Team Cotter and Team Schmidt.

For Team Schmidt, it was the highest level of competition they’d ever seen.

“The girls competed in high schools last year and wanted to do something more in the competitive nature,” said coach Dave McGarry. “This is the first step in that progression. For a first year team this means a lot. Our goal was to get to a qualifying game and we’ve exceeded that.”

Team Schmidt is from Winfield, with one player from Vernon.

Ask what it took to win, “It’s taken some lumps, some losses and coming back from those, figuring out who we are as a team and what that means for our style and how we play our game,” McGarry said.

The girls A event winners were Team Cotter from Vernon.