Vandalism taints ‘no’ side

Vandalism taints ‘no’ side


The South Okanagan Similkameen National Park Reserve is an issue wherein careful and thoughtful people can disagree with each other.

I cannot help but think that most people who are opposed to the park are embarrassed to learn about vandalism to the large “Yes” to the park signage on Highway 3 just north of the Nighthawk Road junction below Mt. Kobau.

Widely distributed “No” to the park signs have been mainly unmolested over some time.

The single “Yes” sign stood for only a matter of hours before being demolished. I happened by the mess and noted several empty beer cans strewn about the fallen sign.

I think it is fair to say that those responsible were likely the usual yahoos who gather steam around any hot spot and act without care or thought, let alone reason.

This unhappy event is likely to further colour the broader opinion about the “No” side.

Dave Cursons, Cawston