Twelve reasons to have a national park

Twelve reasons to have a national park


The following is what I have observed happening in the proposed national park after living for over 20 years next door to the provincial park near Kilpoola Estates.

1. Dumping of garbage, building materials, yard waste, old tires and even a china toilet.

2. Dirt bikes, quads, 4WD vehicles chasing stock, including crippling a horse, harassing horseback riders, mud bogging, going off road and spreading noxious weeds.

3. Hunters shooting near homes, shooting explosive charges at bird houses and signs and dogs and cats (and possibly cattle and horses, not proven but strongly suspected).

4. Campers and bush parties leaving all kinds of items such as bottles, cans, clothing and half burnt wood (even in the middle of the road).

5. Grazing not to range use plans, cattle guards not maintained (full of dirt), old cattle guards abandoned in the bush, cutting fences, opening of gates and stealing the gate, illegal dams, unmaintained dams and causing stream diversions.

6. Old mines and mineral exploration pits not cleaned up.

7. Getting rid of grow-op equipment including good HD extension cord.

8. Fires set intentionally and not intentionally, causing major fires where there is no fire protection.

9. Dropping off unwanted cats and dogs.

10. Small children, speeders and drunks in a variety of motorized vehicles on the roads and trails.

11. Developer trying to build in the proposed park area 100 houses where the zoning was for 12 houses. Over $300,000 spent on dry wells in the 50 house development next door to the proposed park area.

12. BC Parks monitoring only occasionally due to staff shortages.

In light of the above and having lived next to a national park area I strongly suggest a national park would be the best for this area.

Harry Nielsen, Penticton