Trip cost school board $8,800

Trip cost school board $8,800


A team of six local administrators and teachers who visited High Tech High School in San Diego in December saw value in the $8,800 trip.

Recently School District 53 was questioned about the expense, which Superintendent Bev Young said was part of a district initiative to look at innovative ways to provide instruction and organize for learning at the secondary level.

She noted that all secondary schools are involved with this initiative, which was supported in the budget under BC Education Plan/District Initiatives and Innovation.

“They are not funds that can be used for capital equipment or facilities,” Young pointed out.

At High Tech High, the team met with directors, visited classrooms and talked to teachers and students about project-based learning, interdisciplinary teaching and the design process to engage students.

“This is a very innovative school which is visited often by many districts across BC and the US,” Young said.

“Teachers are very excited about how they can improve teaching and learning for their students based on what they saw in classrooms,” she noted.

A second trip to High Tech High was scheduled for another team on February 6.