Town jumps on transit service expansion

Town jumps on transit service expansion

(Photo: Pixabay)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

Get on the bus!

Well, you don’t have to but you might want to after the Town of Oliver has agreed to participate in the Penticton-Kelowna transit service expansion.

Recently, council approved a staff recommendation to inform the regional district that it will indeed get on the bus.

Chief Administrative Officer Cathy Cowan said a couple of more buses will be added to expand the service to Kelowna. Currently, the service only runs to Penticton.

Oliver has two bus stops at the moment – one on Kootenay Street behind the liquor store and another at the hospital.

The current cost that the Town pays for transit service is $11,697. Its cost for the expansion would be an additional $7,419, which works out to be approximately $2.33 extra per household.

Cowan said this expanded service will be available to students who need to attend university in Kelowna.

Mayor Ron Hovanes said the transit bus to Penticton is so popular that it’s standing room only.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction.”

Councillor Maureen Doerr said older people who have appointments in Kelowna are really looking forward to the expanded service.

Councillor Dave Mattes said it’s nice to see this issue coming to council as opposed to the regional district making the sole decision on it.


  1. This is just great: two stops in town but a lot of seniors are living in the Gallagher Lake area. Those are the people that need transportation as well. Doesn’t help to have transportation if you have to transport yourself to Oliver first. I would love to take this at times but being a non- driver it is totally useless.