The Fruit & Vine: February 7

The Fruit & Vine: February 7

(Photo: Pixabay)

A water pump full of SOUR GRAPES to the RDOS for proposing such a whopping increase in water user fees in Willowbrook. Guess I’ll have to pick the last fifty dollar bill off my money tree.

– Reader

A bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to Michaela Summerfeldt for opening South Okanagan Massage Therapy Inc. in Oliver. Nice to see a  new business on Main Street. All the best!

– Observer

A classroom full of SWEET CHERRIES to Darlene and Lindsay Abbie from SOSS. A big part of the reason I enjoyed high school so much was because of you two.

– Former student

A big bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to the Abbies from SOSS. I enjoyed you as a teacher, Mr. Abbie. I think most people would agree, you are one of the kinder, more respected teachers at SOSS. I can only hope the next teachers hired are like the both of you, open minded and have a passion to help kids learn.

– Former student

Many SWEET CHERRIES to Helen Overnes for her many years of work and dedication to the Oliver Women’s Institute, which is sadly in abeyance. Helen has worked tirelessly to make life better for women and children in Oliver. Thank you.

The Chronicle

A lot of SWEET CHERRIES to awesome teachers, the Abbies from SOSS.

– Admirer