The Fruit & Vine: February 28

The Fruit & Vine: February 28

(Photo: Pixabay)

A courtroom full of SOUR GRAPES to the justice system for letting a repeat offender and arsonist roam our streets. The 50-year old accused was previously convicted of break and enter and arson, now he’s charged with another arson. When everyone thought he was in jail, he was let out by a judge (surprise). Then he grabs an axe and allegedly breaks into an apartment and threatens to harm a police dog. He could have killed the canine and/or the officer. I’m ashamed of our justice system that would allow this menace to walk our streets instead of get the help he needs.

– Disgusted

A blue bag full of SOUR GRAPES to RecycleBC for wanting to ban the use of blue bags for recycling. There are enough people fed up with recycling rules. Don’t make it any harder.

– Recycler

A ton of SOUR GRAPES to the despicable lowlife who vandalized the teen girl’s memorial (cross) on Highway 97 north of town. You broke the hearts of many and thought it was a big joke. She died there and you offended her memory. God help you.

– Motorist

A bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to the Oliver Legion for donating $2,100 to the Oliver Elementary School PAC.

– Admirer

A bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to Oliver firefighters for making me laugh with their video.

– Reader