Sweet cherries, sour grapes

Sweet cherries, sour grapes


A bowl of SOUR GRAPES to auto parts staff who can’t find the time to help an older lady carry her battery to her car. Where is the chivalry these days? – Disappointed

A bunch of SWEET CHERRIES to big Al from Big Al’s Bakery for bringing in a box of donuts for staff last week. What a guy! – The Chronicle

A basket of SWEET CHERRIES to Buy-Low Foods. Each year Buy-Low donates 50 pounds of carrots and 50 pounds of onions to the Sunshine Soup Kitchen. The soup kitchen has been in operation for over 20 years and is run by volunteers out of the Oliver United Church. Thank you, Brian from Buy-Low for your ongoing dedication. – Pat Chown

Many SWEET CHERRIES to everyone for the warm welcome on our little flower shop open house this past Saturday. Your well wishes and warm hugs will never be forgotten. You’ve made this the best event I’ve ever personally been to in my life. Welcoming my family and I into such a great community. I look forward to serving this community not only in business but in friendships that will be built along the way. – Flower Fantasy & Gifts

A bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs for helping families this Christmas as part of the “Adopt-a-Family” campaign. – The Chronicle