Stop the mud-slinging

Stop the mud-slinging


This is a rebuttal to Marion Boyd’s letter in the Oliver Chronicle last week.

The “No National Park” signs on either side of me have both been painted over numerous times; my own has been knocked down. These signs were up before the “yes” signs were conceived.

Now by using your math I must now come to the conclusion that the “yes” side is destroying their own signs in order to gain public support for their unsustainable position.

Now Ms. Boyd do you see how quickly this type of accusation can go so wrong?

I suggest that we leave the mudslinging to our provincial experts and why don’t we as passionate as we are about this subject try convincing each other with the facts we have.

Perhaps we may change a mind or at least come to a consensus that will accomplish the goals that we both pledge to.

Rick Knodel, Oliver