SOSS Enrichment Fund Society highlights Pat McGibbon Memorial

SOSS Enrichment Fund Society highlights Pat McGibbon Memorial


The 22nd annual SOSS Enrichment Fund Society golf tournament will be held at Fairview Mountain Golf Course on April 8 and 9.

If you would like more information about the golf tournament contact Susan Capyk at 250-498-4336.

For 22 years the SOSS Enrichment Fund Society has awarded scholarships to SOSS graduating students to pursue post-secondary education.

This year the society has committed a total of $21,500 to be awarded to 27 students. In the past approximately 400 students have received financial assistance.

This year the society is highlighting the Pat McGibbon Memorial Scholarship which was established in 1997, and featuring Melanie Coles who graduated in 2003 and received the scholarship.

If you would like to read more about the SOSS Enrichment Fund Society visit the website or contact John Echlin at 250- 498 -6781.

Pat McGibbon was a wonderful mother, fantastic teacher assistant at Tuc-el-Nuit school, and great watercolour artist. Here is her story:

Mary Patricia Childerstone was born in Toronto on July 12, 1934. She had a twin sister Barbara and a big sister Marjorie. Her parents were Hubert and Helen Childerstone.

In 1939, they moved to England where her father joined in the war effort with the RCMP Provost No.1. After the war they landed in Halifax and took the train across Canada to Vancouver. The family moved with the RCMP several times and finally settled in Kelowna.

Pat graduated from Kelowna Secondary School.  She moved to Oliver in 1954. She married John McGibbon, a lifelong Oliver resident, and settled down to raise a family. She later divorced and raised the family as a single parent.

Pat had three children, D’Arcy (Cathy), Mary (Sam) and Andrew (Jennifer). The grandchildren are Sara, Shannon, Maxwell, Lauren, Ashlee, Karly, Ross and Roderick. The great grandchildren are Dylan, Lexi, Maddox, Piper and Quinn.

Pat’s grandfather was a professional artist working in watercolours and pastels, with a focus on British country scenes and horses. Her father and her sisters also enjoyed painting in various styles and mediums.

Pat’s first artwork masterpiece was crayon on a bed sheet after receiving crayons but no paper in her Christmas stocking. It was a mistake on the part of Santa Claus.

Once her children were grown she took a botanical watercolour course in Penticton. In the 1980s she went to a Federation of Canadian Artist’s camp on Saltspring Island. Pat also enjoyed dabbling in batik and print making and took a course in furniture refinishing. Many of the citizens of Oliver have botanical watercolours, paintings of historical buildings and paintings of their houses hanging on their walls. Through her work with the Oliver Arts Council, Pat was an inspiration to many local artists. She was also a member of the Canadian Federation of artists. Pat was also a dedicated volunteer of the local cancer society.

Pat passed away in 1994 but her legacy in the arts still continues today. In 1997, the first Pat McGibbon Memorial Scholarship was awarded. Students chosen for this $500 award have demonstrated outstanding ability in fine arts, excluding drama and performing arts. The student must further his/her education at a recognized institution of higher learning. Melanie Coles was the recipient of this scholarship.