Society focuses on capital improvements in Lion’s Park

Society focuses on capital improvements in Lion’s Park

Recreation manager Carol Sheridan looks over plans for an updated skatepark with local skateboarders during a previous planning meeting. (File photo)

The Oliver Parks and Recreation Society (OPRS) has identified the need for further capital improvements in Lion’s Park.

Among several other actions such as seating, lighting and washroom upgrades, the OPRS Park Improvement Plan (published in 2015) recommends three additional long range capital projects in Lion’s Park: a new off-leash dog park in the north end, upgrades to the Joel Waines Memorial Skatepark, and a new nature-based playground to complete the development in the south end of the park.

During the 2017 budget process the Society designated $100,000 of capital funds for improvements to Lion’s Park. The funds were left undesignated until this spring with the intention of choosing a project based on current community need, readiness, cost and immediate benefit to the local population.

At the April 18 regular meeting of the Society, Recreation Manager Carol Sheridan presented concepts and an outline of benefits and challenges for each project.

“Some of the greatest concerns raised were related to the current state of the skate park, which is showing major signs of wear and tear after 17 years of use,” Sheridan said.

There was also some discussion on the negative impact that the existing off-leash dog area is having on the ball diamonds and operations in Oliver Community Park.

Sheridan said the community fundraising efforts for the new community park toddler playground, in conjunction with the recent discovery of plans for a new nature-based play space at Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary, made the timing of a new playground in the south end of Lion’s Park less of a priority based on current need.

The Society passed a resolution to focus the capital funds earmarked in the 2017 budget on the revitalization of the skate park and to the feasibility of transferring the location of the off-leash dog area to the north end of Lion’s Park.

Sheridan said the new concept for the skate park proposes the removal of some older, unsafe features and the creation of an updated “small wheels playground” with additional “street style” features that would give a more accessible and fun space for children, youth and adults who like to skate, “scoot” and bike.

“I feel that the community has created many places for people to recreate, however, the older children and teens do not currently have a safe place to hang out that doesn’t have a cost attached to it,” said OPRS director Helene Urcullu. “Skate parks offer a greater number of healthy outdoor athletic choices where youth can work on their skills for free.”

The total cost of the project is budgeted at $220,000. Fundraising efforts have already begun through various grants including an application to the BCAA Play Here contest.

Sheridan is hoping that the greater community of Oliver will throw its support behind the project to make it a reality.

“I am very pleased that the Society has listened to the needs of our youth and are willing to invest in increasing their social and physical activity opportunities and give them a renewed sense of pride in their community.”

She noted that local kids who want this small wheels park are ready to roll up their sleeves to help raise money, but they will not be able to do it alone.

Recreation staff will be working with the Town of Oliver to determine the feasibility of changing the Animal Control Bylaw to designate an off-leash dog area in Lion’s Park, and will be costing out the fencing and other amenities required.

Comments from the public regarding either project are welcomed and can be forwarded to Anyone wishing to assist with the small wheels playground project is asked to contact Sheridan directly at or 250-498-4985.