Senior dies in mysterious collision in Oliver

Senior dies in mysterious collision in Oliver

An 81-year-old female passenger of this vehicle died after it collided with a tree off Highway 97 near Road 18 on Thursday. The male driver suffered minor injuries. The cause is still being investigated. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

Police have confirmed that an 81-year-old female died in a single vehicle accident on Highway 97 south of Oliver on Thursday.

The RCMP report that the accident occurred just before 10 am near Road 18, where a sedan was parked on the side of the road.

According to the investigation and witness testimony,  the vehicle, without notice, shot across the highway and struck a tree in an orchard. The impact caused extensive front end damage to the vehicle and uprooted the tree.

An 81-year-old female passenger was rushed to South Okanagan General Hospital, where she was confirmed deceased. The 84-year-old male driver received minor injuries as a result.

The RCMP South Okanagan Traffic Services and the BC Coroners Services are continuing their investigation into the collision.


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