RV camper speaks out for Centennial Park

RV camper speaks out for Centennial Park


My wife and I have been camping at the municipal campground for several years.

On average we spend between three and four thousand dollars annually in your town. We use the restaurants, clothing stores and hardware stores. We go to Medici’s, Frank Venables Theatre and Festival of the Grape, to name a few.

When you have an RV you are also using the service stations. We enjoy it because we can park and walk for groceries, entertainment and dinner out.

The councillors keep saying that it is used by outsiders as opposed to a hotel that I am sure will be full of locals? I thought tourists were what council was after.

I understand the hotel will be a modular built structure. If this is the case you could have put it south of the coin laundry and behind the food bank. Modular means you can change shapes relatively easy.

This way Oliver could have had the best of both worlds, but it seems council was hell bent on getting rid of the municipal campsite.

If it should happen that the ground will not support a four-storey hotel will this council dig into their own pockets to pay back the taxpayers of Oliver for their “full ahead, consequences be damned attitude?”

When people stay at a hotel they generally only stay as long as they need. A wine tour, a couple of days gone, meals probably ate at the hotel or a winery, not on Main Street.

A hotel stay is a short time stay, not like RV people who generally hang around and come back.

Terry Fletcher, Armstrong