Put speed bumps at Vaseux

Put speed bumps at Vaseux


The recent article about the reoccurring accidents at Vaseux Lake makes me wonder how many lives need to be lost before action is taken.

The current radar signs are obviously not sufficient. The writer mentions that it will be very expensive to address this issue, by either blasting away the rock or extending the highway over the lake.

I don’t see why speed bumps could not be installed at a fraction of the cost described. These could prove to be sufficient, at least for the time being. If anyone drives over those with excessive speed, their mechanical bill could be enough to deter them from speeding over the bumps in the future.

As long as there is ample signage about the upcoming bumps and they are painted a bright yellow. A big part of the problem will be solved.

Elly Contreras, Osoyoos


  1. Dear Elly Conytreras:
    When my family moved here in 1966, the corner was bigger and more out in the lake. A semi-truck had just gone into the lake and the driver drowned. The highway department has blasted the rock many times to help make the road safer for drivers. If they put in speed bumps that will impede the traffic and make things more dangerous. The only solution is to put in concrete barriers on the centre lane like was placed on the ski to sky highway on the way up to Whistler. There are less accidents and the likely hood that a accident will happen on that road is slim.
    We need the same thing here. If people were more patient just up the hill from the corner is a four lane stretch of highway to make the flow of traffic move more smoothly. We have to think with cooler heads and not let our emotions dictate our solutions to problems.

    Yours Sincerely ,
    Sharon Ziebart