People allowing emotional tie to RV park to block progress in town

People allowing emotional tie to RV park to block progress in town


Wayne Danbrook states that “one man should not have his dream come true until the people of Oliver have their choice by referendum.” His justification for a referendum is: There was a petition in 2008 of approximately 800 people opposed to making Centennial Park a Wine Village.

A referendum requires verification before results are released and is a costly process; a petition of 800 people, who may or may not be taxpayers, does not justify the process.

One has to assume that besides the desire to protect the area, there was a belief amongst the 800 that the money the site generates seasonally would benefit our community and keep businesses thriving on Main Street. Judging by the empty storefronts and business struggling to survive, that concept fell flat on its face.

Danbrook further states that Centennial RV Park is host to seniors and family members getting together for sports and special occasions. Centennial RV Park is an RV parking lot with trees and grass and no space for Oliver residents to do anything.

So, let me get this straight: 800 people, who may or may not be taxpayers, compared to 2286 actual tax-paying residents is a majority vote and justification for a referendum in the eyes of opponents who want the RV park to remain because of the unverified revenue it generates? At best, this is a very flawed argument and can hardly be considered democracy in action.

I suggest that these 800 people oppose change, and/or are allowing an emotional tie to this site trump the survival of local businesses and deny residents the opportunity to live in a community that can move forward and thrive.

The alternative is to stagnate, wither and become an ‘also ran’ while Osoyoos garners the revenue created by its vision of how a community can prosper.

The Coast Hotel chain performed an analysis which justified their decision to choose Oliver. This hotel will advertise its product, our historical sites, our wineries and beautiful valley throughout BC in a manner that Oliver could never afford. In so doing this will bring in a much greater volume of hotel visitors and revenue than all the rental spaces in Centennial RV Park.

Pat Hampson, Oliver


  1. I would like to see what guarantee there is that this hotel will in fact be the single thing that picks olivers economy back up. That is something that will never come because its one small piece of a much larger puzzle. In order for oliver to prosper you need improvements and longterm sustainable buisness solutions. One thing alone in economics is never a successful strategy.

    How will this improve affordable housing for those in oliver or moving here for work? If you cant afford to live here how will you work here? It will basicly be kids after school working and then leaving for a better work future in other communities. Which is good for them but not for anyone living long term in oliver.

    This greater revenue from the hotel is also over balanced in regards to greater demand on toen resources.

    How will a worker be able to buy here in oliver? Hotel workers do not make that kind of money. At the rezoning meeting council stated that this would attract hotel workers to but in oliver. That would be a 100 percent inaccurate statment. If your wage can not cover a mortgage let alone living expenses this will happen how?

    How will the hotel bring in new buisnesses to oliver on its own long term. What links have hotels had to business growth in any town on its own?. Again yoi need an already thriving local economy in all aspects for new buisnesses to want to into a town. A hotel does not generatednthat much economic drive in the average economy.

    To say that those who come to oliver rv park do not contribute to olivers economy is an out right laughable statement. All who spend money here contribute from 1 dollar to 1 million.