Only one complaint

Only one complaint


Approximately 1,000 families each summer have been spending their money in this community and employing legions of Oliver locals for as long as anyone can remember.

As a commercial entity, our contribution to the town’s tax coffers is at a considerably higher rate than for residential taxpayers, and we have no quibble with that.

The questions to consider are common sense and of healthy and clean economic activity in Oliver. Where those families elect to go for great memories and family camping matters to us all.

We have banned campfires for our customers per instructions we received from the fire chief when the bad fire happened on the west side of town in 2015.

We are happy that council has agreed to make efforts to rationalize and permit the return to evening campfires for our guests at our resort. I think it’s important to be clear that we take our responsibility seriously and that we have a proven record as excellent corporate citizens. Our campfires are controlled by management and are put out at 11 pm.

The Chronicle quoted the town as saying they receive approximately half a dozen campfire complaints a year. This was a huge surprise to read because at best I can remember receiving one actual complaint in the 27 years we have owned the resort. A quick call to city hall to query the Chronicle’s statement confirms they don’t track or record the number of calls and that callers are referred to the fire department.

Paul and Sally Bouchard, The Lakeside Resort


  1. Stanley Park of the Okanagan

    We cannot believe the Town of Oliver is allowing the building on a Hotel on the Centennial RV Park site, after disposing of this beautiful Park – the residents will notice the $15,000-20,000 we alone spend in this town for the four to six summer months while we remain here to shop in the variety of small stores, including diesel, gas, tires, oil, propane, groceries, haircuts, pet grooming, beverage outlets, personal pedicures, manicures, community events, theatre, along with all the beautiful wineries, and many other items too many to mention.
    Your “Stanley Park of the Okanagan, as I prefer to call it”, was not a destination for us for the last 20 years, we only came to spend four to six months in this wonderful Park.
    Oliver was not a destination for many other folks that come to this Park, but once they spend time on the green grass, with the positive hosts, and many other friendly folks, they have come to love this place as well. After introducing our friends to come and spend time in this community and at this RV Park, we are feeling unjustly treated…..Some of those in this Park have tried staying on the paved RV site, but then coming over to this lovely grassed area, found this to be ever so much more relaxing and cooler. However, this will be our last time to stop here and spend any time or money in Oliver, even though we will be still travelling in our Motorhome. The merchants along with your delightful flea market as well as other amenities, will feel the effects once this Park is gone, believe me it will be too late to recoupe what you have done away with.

    While the Natives are planning on building a Hotel on their property just up the hill, I wonder how the Hotel downtown will remain viable, taking all the business from the local establishments, and not keeping their staff happy at less than minimum wages, as is their history.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my complaint, even though your elected persons, of which some have not ever attended Centennial Park….make these decisions even after receiving letters and votes not to take away their “Stanley Park” of the Okanagan in Oliver……

    Respectfully, D. Rickman