One fly in the ointment

One fly in the ointment


I was very pleased by the turnout at the town hall meeting (re: flooding), and it was particularly encouraging that people came with potential solutions to a number of complicated issues.

It was fortunate to have the Ministry of Forests and land management attend as they are in control of the river channel and the creeks and streams.

It was, however, unfortunate that the Ministry of Transportation and Argo Road Maintenance were not in attendance. Some of the issues that were brought up will need their attention.

There is one fly in the ointment: most if not all of the solutions suggested will be for not if the national park comes into being.

The maintenance needed to mitigate the damages will not be allowed under the Canada Parks Act and therein lies one of the issues of turning over control of that much land in a populated agrarian area to a body that has no stake in the commerce or community of that area.

Rick Knodel, alternate Area D director