One day here, next day gone

One day here, next day gone


Dolly Parton once said, “Youth is but a playful breeze that blows our way once then moves on.”

How true.

At age 10, I desperately wanted to be an adult so I could stay up late and watch Elvis Presley movies.

Being young was fine, but adults got to do everything; it wasn’t fair. Waiting for Christmas was agonizingly slow, but they came and went; whisked away like daydreams.

At age 12, I remember staring out my window wondering what the world would be like in year 2000. Would it be like Space 1999, my favourite TV show? Not even close.

Somebody then hit the fast forward button, the 25 year one, and now I’m 53 wishing I was a kid again so I could do what kids do. It’s not fair.

Last week’s phone call gave me the shock of my life – the woman on the other end of the line asked me if I was sitting down. My God, I thought it was a police officer calling to tell me my wife was dead, or that one of my children was dying in hospital.

It was my brother-in-law, who was 58. He just finished working out at a community centre where his wife was working that day. He got in his car, put the key in the ignition . . . and that was it. He slumped over and died from a heart attack.

Rewind just a bit. A lady from the parking lot came in and told the woman at the front desk that someone was slumped over a steering wheel. The clerk immediately asked which car, and the lady pointed to it, the car belonging to the clerk’s husband.

I had to phone my wife and tell her that her brother just died. We still can’t believe he’s gone, and now I wonder when it’s my turn.

No word of a lie; my brother-in-law had an appointment to get his will done the day after his heart attack. Unbelievable.

The moral of the story: Cherish what you have now, get your bucket list done, write a will, tell your kids you love them, stop the moaning, forgive, don’t live in the past (like I do), help someone down on their luck, and try to be positive.

One day you’re here, the next day you’re gone, and you don’t have time to say goodbye. So make the best of now.