Oliver keeps close eye on water levels in face of drought

Oliver keeps close eye on water levels in face of drought

The Town of Oliver is looking at preliminary budget figures that could result in a significant tax increase in the near future.

While the province of BC has declared the Okanagan in a Drought Level 3, the Town of Oliver is watching its water levels very closely.

The Town says that a Level 3 drought could have serious ecosystem or socioeconomic impacts. As such, the province has called for a voluntary 30 per cent reduction in water use for both surface and groundwater users.

The Town of Oliver has a “Drought Response Status Matrix” to ensure that operations are responding to water restrictions using monitored data that may not necessarily coincide with the province’s criteria.

“The operations department is continuing to monitor groundwater and surface water levels to ensure they meet the Town’s Drought Management Plan criteria before issuing Stage 1 to 4 restrictions on water users,” the Town says.

“Both ground water and surface water levels have been monitored at the “normal” stage but this status could change in the near future.”

Water levels will be monitored throughout September, but in the meantime, water users are encouraged to reduce water where they can during this dry period.