OCP review

OCP review


Town of Oliver logoThe Town of Oliver has begun a comprehensive review of its Official Community Plan (OCP).

But it will take more than sharp minds to develop a new document; it’s going to take money.

The Town originally budgeted $45,000, but it’s going to cost more than that – significant indirect costs in the form of staff time and resources.

Planner Christopher Garrish said the cost of completing an OCP review in Oliver would be approximately $125,000.

The current OCP was last reviewed in 2002, and staff believe a comprehensive update is needed to reflect a number of changes within the community over the past 13 years. In addition, council has received a number of rezoning applications that have created some land use conflict.

The review will address the following items: updating the community’s economic profile; population growth trends; demographics; urban growth boundary; land use strategy; development permit areas; strategic plan alignment; and infrastructure objectives.

Council plans to adjust the budget to fund the review and prepare a request for proposals, including the identification of key priorities.