National park questions remain

National park questions remain


Some questions about the national park reserve that I do not think have been fully answered.

1. How can MP Richard Cannings give us any assurances about what will or won’t happen with the park? What exact input does he have in the planning of the reserve?

2. How much is this going to cost taxpayers?

3. Support signs claim 70 per cent support rating. How many were polled? Where was the polling collected? When was the polling done? What groups were polled?

4. Seven hundred jobs are going to be created from? Direct long-term jobs? A mix of short term, long term, and seasonal? How many of these jobs are speculation and how many would be based off contracts or long- term postings? How many are direct and how many are indirect jobs? Are there any other BC parks/reserves that have and still do support this many jobs currently as a result of just one park/reserve?

5. How many of BC’s parks and reserves cover the cost of their operation and maintenance on a year-to- year basis? How many do not break even or do not support themselves?

6. Is Minister McKenna willing to commit in writing and perpetuity to land owners and users rights as they currently are and enjoy? Will she set these in terms of future land owners who buy from those already inside the park borders?

7. How many of BC’s parks have been a financial success as they are touting here? I would like to know an exact number of parks that have been a financial success excluding Banff and Jasper. Have any of these other parks created and sustained 700 jobs?

8. How will the borders of this park allow Oliver, Osoyoos, and Cawston/Keremeos to grow in a meaningful way?

Shawn Hathaway, Oliver