Motorists injured in accidents

Motorists injured in accidents

An 81-year-old female passenger of this vehicle died after it collided with a tree off Highway 97 near Road 18 on Thursday. The male driver suffered minor injuries. The cause is still being investigated. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)
This truck left Black Sage Road and took a hard ride down a 75-foot embankment this morning after 10 am. At least one occupant was injured. (Photo by Dan Walton)

Firefighters, police and ambulance were kept busy attending two motor vehicle accidents south of Oliver this morning.

The first occurred at 10 am on Highway 97 just south of Road 18. One car heading north left the road and struck a tree in an orchard, causing major damage to the front end of the vehicle.

Fire department spokesman Rob Graham said it is believed two people were injured and taken to hospital.

During that call, emergency crews were summoned to another accident off Black Sage Road near Saskatoon Road.

Graham said a vehicle (pickup truck with a cab) careened down a 75-foot embankment. One occupant extricated himself from the vehicle, but a second occupant had to be assisted to an awaiting ambulance.

The cause of both accidents has not been determined.