Loose Bay gets good deal on water

Loose Bay gets good deal on water

Town council recently approved a code of conduct that each member must adhere to.
Town council meeting
Town council meeting

Oliver Town Council was busy at its May 11th meeting, making decisions on a variety of issues of concern to residents

Town council is considering how it will invoice Loose Bay campground for water in the future.

Last year council waived the water charges for Loose Bay for a period of 12 months. The total waived revenue in 2014 amounted to $4,215.63. This year the total bill is anticipated to be $4,670.

Chief Financial Officer Dave Svetlichny said Loose Bay was running water continually last year.

Mayor Ron Hovanes said a pressurized tank was not working properly, so Loose Bay had to run sprinklers constantly. They need to get this fixed, he pointed out.

Water councillor Andre Miller said one way to get it fixed is to charge Loose Bay the full rate for water.

Council deferred the matter for two weeks in order to get more information from Loose Bay management.

Firefighters kept busy with fires

The Oliver Fire Department responded to 10 calls for service in April.

The calls included one structure fire, two grass fires, a burn pile fire, a burning complaint, fuel leak and two motor vehicle accidents.

Illegal dumping concerns council

You can’t win for losing.

Tipping fees at the landfill have gone up mainly due to the success of the recycling program. Because more people are recycling, there’s less garbage going to the landfill, meaning less revenue, which has prompted the regional district to raise dumping fees.

The fee in 2012 was $65 per tonne. This year the fee is $95 per tonne.

Oliver Mayor Ron Hovanes said people are starting to see more stuff being dumped on the side of the road because of the high tipping fees.

Public Works manager Shawn Goodsell agreed, saying staff are seeing more garbage dumped in the bush.

Councillor Jack Bennest said the success of the recycling program is “costing us money.”

Loiterers concern library

Councillor Maureen Doerr reported that the Oliver library has concerns about Wi-Fi loitering.

She noted that the RCMP had to be called to address people loitering outside the library, which offers Wi-Fi service.

As a result, the library shut the service down at 9 p.m.

Councillor Jack Bennest suggested offering Wi-Fi service in other locations, but Doerr said that would be pushing the problem somewhere else.

Oliver Mayor Ron Hovanes suggested seeking out the cost of establishing Wi-Fi hubs in the community.

Councillor Larry Schwartzenberger suggested a Wi-Fi service at Loose Bay campground.

Lyonel Doherty

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