LETTER: We need more speculators

LETTER: We need more speculators

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I would like to make a comment on the opinion letter, “Questioning council,” by John Micka that was printed in last week’s Chronicle.

In the letter Mr. Micka refers to the builder of the new Coast Hotel, Mundi Hotel Enterprises Inc., as a “speculating land developer.”

If building a much needed 83-room hotel with indoor swimming pool, investing $8 million in our downtown core and creating 20-25 new jobs qualifies someone as a “speculating land developer,” then I would suggest that the Town of Oliver needs to encourage more “speculating land developers” to invest in our town.

Larry Schwartzenberger, town councillor


  1. Larry:

    You sound angry in your response to John Micka. Don’t forget he is part of the community that you are supposed to be representing. If you believe that he should not be welcome to express his opinion, in a forum specifically designed for that purpose, then maybe you are the one whose place in life has been misdirected.
    Remember his tax payments are making your position possible. Please act accordingly, be polite.

    Michael Guthrie

  2. Michael:
    It’s the quotes that John sometimes uses, including this one; “The upcoming collective decision by Larry, Moe and Curly Ron to “stand” for re-election.”… can deserve a rebuttal in my opinion. People are allowed their opinion and also allowed to defend their opinion.
    You’re right… John should be polite along with everyone else, to have proper communication and debate. I didn’t get “angry” out of Larry’s comments but someone who may disagree with him could get that tone.