LETTER: We need a second bridge

LETTER: We need a second bridge

The high water table has slowed down construction on Fairview Road. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

There has never been more evidence then there is right now: Oliver is in need of a second bridge.

Sure, the construction is only temporary, but with the growth of Oliver, we must look into and proceed with a second bridge in town.

Emergency vehicles would have to fight their way through traffic to get to the north east side of town, or even someone needing to get to the hospital in a regular vehicle.

It’s definitely a need and not a want.

As more houses and businesses are built and even the chance of another hotel, traffic will pick up.

If the town wants to raise property taxes nine per cent a year for five years, why not put that money into paying for a new bridge?

Daniel Knelsen, Oliver