LETTER: Looks like big money grab

LETTER: Looks like big money grab

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This opinion is in response to the many objections of late about the new nine per cent tax to fund the increased RCMP costs associated with our population increases.

What is occurring here is the most absurd tax/money grab I have ever encountered. Increasing taxes for an issue that does not yet exist? Then using the funds as the city sees fit, apparently with no oversight?

The Town of Oliver and its council have a reputation of doing what they think is correct and then trying to convince us that their decisions are sound regardless of our wishes. They are elected to do our bidding, not to take stances that are contrary to what we believe is correct.

My father, a very wise man in my eyes, once told me: “Never let someone urinate down your back while at the same time trying to convince you it is raining.”

Relatedly, Mayor Ron Hovanes commented on the reluctance of the ministry to fund a study for the new proposed regional pool. He stated it seems like they (Town of Oliver) are missing out or being ignored when it comes to gas tax funding that other municipalities have received.

Where is that nine per cent increase in property taxes going, Ron? The one that is supposed to make us feel better about a real tax increase years down the road to support our local police protection. The increase that apparently is going into the general fund. Maybe we could use that.

I am also thinking that maybe we could suspend the salary payments to the council, mayor and their staff so that they will get accustomed to not having those monies when they are voted out of office. Isn’t that the same train of thought as the rationale used to justify this nine per cent increase?

The pool is a great idea, figure it out and quit depending on others.

Speak up Oliver. This is a pattern that is developing in ways that are hard to predict.

Michael Guthrie, Oliver


  1. I agree Michael, nothing but a tax grab. However, if we are to have a (modest) annual tax increase then those funds should be put aside to fund the eventual rise in policing costs. Not into the general revenue fund for “whatever”.

    This will become an election issue and should be.