LETTER: Budget … smudget

LETTER: Budget … smudget

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You raise an important point about understanding budgets.

I assume that when council passed this year’s budgets there were specific capital projects identified and costs associated with same.

Did council pass amendments to the budget to move certain capital projects ahead or to fund new ones?

Budgets are there for a reason in that they lay out what gets spent and where. This exercise seems to be a “back of the envelope” trial that is not the way you budget for any enterprise let alone a municipality.

You do not just move money around on a whim or even if you’ve convinced the rest of council that you’ve had a brain wave. Identify which specific capital projects were budgeted for and which new ones you have now decided to fund and amend the budget to reflect that.

Was this procedure followed and if so, please share with your ratepayers which new projects have surfaced that have acquired this new urgency.

This half-baked idea makes a mockery of the budgeting system.

Mike Heenan, Oliver