Government needs own psych evaluation

Government needs own psych evaluation


I think the government of Canada needs some psychiatric evaluation, closing all the mental health hospitals across Canada.

They closed Brandon, Manitoba mental health hospital; it is now a dorm for the Assiniboine Community College.

I worked for the Valley View mental health hospital for a very short time before I joined the airforce reserve in Moose Jaw, SK. In 1991 the government of Canada cut it back to 800 patients from 4,000 patients. Now it has closed its doors altogether.

How do they expect these people to make it on the street when the average person is having a hard time making ends meet?

Riverview in Coquitlam is gone. It had 4000 beds in that hospital. They talk about building a new facility, but not soon enough.

These poor people do not belong in jail; they come out worse.

Open these hospitals, don’t close them down!

There are many horror stories about what went down in these hospitals, but this was many years ago. This is 2017. Hopefully, they would be run better than they were run years ago.

Weyburn, SK, mental health hospital is gone. North Battleford, SK – just add on to all the rest that are now gone.

Help these mental patients! They endanger us and themselves. Get them on their proper medications, for bipolar to schizophrenia or whatever else they may be struggling with.

I worked for Douglas Lake Ranch. I was there when Allan Schoenbornshot his three beautiful children. The system thinks he needs psychiatric evaluation, do you think? Hello, he is out already.

The man that beheaded that man in Brandon, MB is also out, under a different name. Again, the system thinks he needs psychiatric evaluation. Hello?

Crystal Clear, Oliver