Fire hazard exists on the hill

Fire hazard exists on the hill


Reading last week’s editorial opinion regarding FireSmart I would like to suggest your team takes a little tour and view the hillside opposite the MacPherson Meadows condos on Meadows Drive, (6514 Meadows.)

The steep hill is municipal property, and on the slopes I count approximately 12 dead trees , broken branches and two in process of falling . Also large piles of broken branches and debris has accumulated.

I am not an expert on trees but did serve several years as a volunteer fireman in Anglemont where similar issues arose. The fire personnel conducted a drive through the area and advised the  department concerned .

Should a careless smoker , or other causes ignite all this debris the homes above are in an extremely dangerous position.

I did send this information to the Oliver Fire Department, and received no response.

Anyway I thought this may interest you in view of your excellent FireSmart coverage.

Brian Kettlewell, Oliver