EDITORIAL: Viral video the best medicine

EDITORIAL: Viral video the best medicine

Members of the Oliver Fire Department released a video to promote their spring seminar. (Image: youtube.com)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

I was going to write about our shameful justice system (er, injustice system) again, but quite frankly, I’m tired of doing that.

It doesn’t make a difference anyway. Repeat offenders are still allowed to walk our streets wielding axes, and punching a senior in the head, causing brain damage will only get you 10 months in jail. (The defence lawyer, who was once a Crown prosecutor, wanted a conditional sentence. How appropriate.)

But I said I wouldn’t write about that.

So I poured over current events to find another topic.

The first one to make me laugh was the Oliver Fire Department’s promo video for their spring seminar.

Although Grant Stevely needs some acting lessons, I think he was made for Hollywood. Fixing the WiFi for major movie sets may not be up his alley, but after tasting some of his Noteworthy Gin, who cares?

One thing’s for sure. I wish I had Ash Regner’s job; eating chips all day behind the counter. When can I start?

I eat chips in the office, but I’m actually working while I’m chewing. There’s a difference.

Another thing’s for sure is I wouldn’t want Scott Schaffrick to demonstrate his near naked choke on me. Umm . . . I mean rear naked choke. Poor Mike Kriesel. He wanted in but Scott made sure he was out. Maybe next year, Cheeks.

Kerry-Ann had a little lamb, its fleece was kind of dirty. And everywhere that Kerry went, it acted kind of nerdy. I actually felt sorry for Kerry-Ann (they call her Dances with Lambs) after her sheep was booted out of the van and abandoned on the side of the road. What, did it crap in the vehicle or something?

And I loved the ending when Dayne Thompson showed up on a trike, oblivious to his colleagues’ concern. Perhaps he was hoping to do some trike extrication training.

I was almost expecting the chief (firefighter Bob) to pull up behind on a Fat Boy and say, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Kudos to the fire department for stepping outside of the comfort zone and making our day with a few laughs while promoting their spring seminar.

The video, which has gone viral, is a spoof of the video game, Call of Duty WWII. The fire department actually had to get official permission to do it.