EDITORIAL: Life is full of sweet cherries and sour grapes

EDITORIAL: Life is full of sweet cherries and sour grapes

(Photo: Pixabay)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

think it’s time to catch up with our “sweet cherries” and “sour grapes” in Oliver.

You may have noticed that our revamp of the Chronicle has been devoid of people’s anonymous rants and raves. That’s because we weren’t getting a lot of them, which led to staff members helping to fill this space every week.

Due to requests to bring it back, we have decided to sprinkle the Chronicle with “sweet cherries” and “rotten apples” from time to time. So if you’ve got a beef or a praise, please send them to editor@oliverchronicle.com.

In the meantime, here are some we have heard lately:

A bowl full of sweet cherries to the wonderful lady who found my iPhone and took it to the police station.

A road full of sour grapes to the construction company for allowing traffic to be backed up all the way to Main Street, where you can’t even proceed on a green light.

A trench full of sour grapes to the impatient drivers complaining about the construction on Fairview Road that they were warned about a month ago.

A mound of sour grapes to the awful traffic control on Fairview. I was stuck at three green lights before I gave up and did a U-turn.

A lot of sweet cherries to the flagging girls on Fairview Road for doing the best they can on a challenging job site.

Many sweet cherries to Minds Eye Entertainment for sponsoring the free admission for The Humanity Bureau.

A stretcher full of sweet cherries to paramedic Joy Peterson for coming to the rescue of many people during their medical crises. All the best in her semi-retirement.

A grocery cart full of sweet cherries to Tyler Gludovatz from Buy-Low Foods for securing $50,000 for the new tots playground in Oliver Community Park. What a fantastic donation!

A canteen full of sweet cherries to Oliver Legion veteran Bud Hoover for receiving his 75-year service pin. Thanks, Bud for doing so much for this community.

A ton of sweet cherries to all of the volunteers who have helped fill and deploy sandbags in Willowbrook and Oliver. You are our saviours.

Many sweet cherries to Area C alternate director Rick Knodel (a.k.a. the king of Willowbrook) for doing a great job representing the community during the flood crisis.

A ton of sour grapes to Canada Revenue Agency. Nobody answers the phones, the queue is always busy, so you’re left not knowing what to do to receive your refund or pay your taxes. The service is horrendous! Bring back the days when you could just pick up the phone, dial a number and get a human voice right away.

A park full of sweet cherries to the Town of Oliver for developing the new Centennial Park, which will truly be a public park for all to visit and enjoy.