EDITORIAL: Check out the new look of our paper

EDITORIAL: Check out the new look of our paper

As of March 7, the Oliver Chronicle is free, full colour and features a new design. (Vanessa Broadbent photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

As you’ve noticed, the Oliver Chronicle has undergone some changes, and we think they look pretty darn good.

First off, it’s all colour. Hooray! Secondly, it’s free. Hooray! You can pick it up from those yellow newsstands in town, or you can continue to subscribe and have it delivered to your home. Best of both worlds.

Cosmetically, we’ve made some editorial changes inside with new fonts and layout designs.

More news will be added to your paper since we have discontinued the TV section. We are well aware that many readers will miss this section, but we have been subsidizing the TV listings for years and felt that a change was due. It just means more news, features and photographs.

We will also have more columnists and contributors, such as Marvin Louie’s  “Smoke Signals” representing the Osoyoos Indian Band, and Herb Moore’s historical write-ups that take you back to yesteryear. His column begins next week. Herb’s a real cowboy at heart and loves to tell stories.

We invite people to contribute their photographs and articles in order to give our paper more character. Not all submissions will be published, but we will do our best. If you have an idea for a regular column, please contact the editor at editor@oliverchronicle.com or phone 250-498-3711.

Our letters to the editor are very well read, so if you want to be heard on a topic of concern or praise, we want to hear from you.

There has been talk about merging the Oliver Chronicle with the Osoyoos Times, but that won’t happen anytime soon. Maybe down the road.

Not many staff changes to note, other than Osoyoos editor Keith Lacey has moved on to work in Penticton. Richard McGuire now heads the editorial department in Osoyoos, and the ever talented Vanessa Redgrave . . . I mean Broadbent, will continue her fine coverage of news and features in both communities. She has done an excellent job on our website and Facebook, which have definitely seen more traffic.

The Chronicle has seen tremendous change over the years since it was a broadsheet, seemingly the size of a football field. When you held it up to read, it almost looked like a room divider.

There is a huge commitment within the Chronicle office to produce a quality paper each week. The detail and proofing that goes into each page every Tuesday during production is formidable but rewarding.

We hope our readers (and advertisers) embrace the new look and take some ownership in this paper, which is still independently owned.

And while some people are saying that newspapers are dying, that’s not the case in Oliver and Osoyoos.

Happy reading.


  1. Excellent! I’m looking forward to news and coverage centred in the south Okanagan, as it seems to me The Western is more Penticton oriented. Best wishes on your continued success.